2012 Metamorphosis
Maximum allocation 12 bottles

Sold Out, may be available at the winery. Please contact us for more details.

Following the cooler 2010 and challenging 2011 vintages we were delighted to return to more normal Napa Valley conditions in 2012. The season was warm but never hot so each vine was more "at home" in its environment and each berry had the opportunity to mature at its own pace from bud break to harvest. The color is bright ruby showing depth and a visible texture giving a clue of what's to come. The vibrant yet concentrated nose displays a mixture of red, blue and black berries with hint of cola and a gentle touch of oak for added interest. The palate is both elegant and rich with a luscious mouthfeel carrying forward each element of the nose with added notes of spice and a trace of tarragon. Structurally, the finely grained tannins and acidity complement one another to create a firm backbone balanced by elegance and grace. The very long textured finish is framed by firm tannins, bright acidity and layers of flavor and nuance. Although the 2012 Metamorphosis is clearly Napa Valley in style, it also exhibits the best qualities of its Bordelaise heritage of breed and balance with the propensity to age gracefully for many years to come. This may be our finest Metamorphosis to date and harkens back to the 2005 that launched the Jaffe Estate brand to a warm and highly acclaimed reception.

Production Notes

Source of Grapes
100% St. Helena Appellation
Blending Detail
100% Cabernet