2013 Metamorphosis
Maximum allocation 12 bottles · Available October 20, 2017

Quantity: $68.00
Case 12 $816.00

Napa Valley's vintage 2013 was extraordinary to say the least! Ideal weather conditions prevailed from early spring through a beautiful harvest with warm but never truly hot days and very cool nights - just as it's described in the text books.  Following on the heels of a spectacular 2012, we must say that 2013 may even be a notch above. As we said earlier this year in our 2013 Transformation notes, "The vines were smiling everywhere and you could even close your eyes and hear them humming a song as the months progressed."  2013 Metamorphosis is a bit more dense in color and even richer in the palate than the very elegant 2012.  A concentrated deep ruby color with bright edges coupled with an intriguing nose of blue and black berries, traces of cassis and current along with delicate spice notes give a clue of what's to come on the palate. Here the density of the color and nose give way to a rich mouthfeel highlighting its aromatics along with a bright acidity, bold character and balanced tannins.  The finish conveys the trademark Jaffe Estate lengthy layered complexity while simply inviting the next sip and bite of the accompanying dish.  If our 2012 Metamorphosis was the Queen of the castle then the 2013 would be crowned King as its balance and grace mirror the outstanding vintage and the heritage of the vineyard.  It may be best to decant this stellar addition to our Metamorphosis tradition in its youth or just let it open in the glass for a half hour so you can fully appreciate the bounty of flavors and textures that await your discovery.

Production Notes

Source of Grapes
100% St. Helena Appellation
Blending Detail
89% Cabernet Sauvignon and 11% Merlot