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Gerald Boyd awarded 2005 Transformation 90 points!

Gerald Boyd, a well known critic and wine writer, awarded 2005 Transformation 90 points and wrote of its "inviting aroma of black fruits, sweet spices, smoky oak and very subtle herbal back note. [A palate showing] good balance and texture with a dry fruit finish."

Starry-eyed newcomer to wine market

Jaffe Estates introduces Transformation, its first product
St. Helena Star
St. Helena StarBy John Lindblom
Thursday, September 13, 2007


"Transformation, a new estate-produced wine that made its debut at a pre-release party this past weekend, is the culmination of an excellent blend that just came together naturally. The wine? Yes. But even moreso the four people who hosted Transformation’s coming out party ... Gary and Pam Jaffe, the owners of Jaffe Estates Wines, and David DeSante, the winemaker, and his wife Katharine..."

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