2007 Metamorphosis


Medium ruby


Cherry, blackberry, red currant and grilled toast


Classic bench-land, Napa Cabernet Sauvignon flavors with ripe, Bing cherry and plum most prominent.  The palate is weighted towards the entry which is big and bright.  This launches the fruit across the palate to a fine, elegant finish.  Supple tannins extend from the palate entry to the finish without showing a rough edge.  Polish and balance is the theme for this delicious wine.  The finish is extended by a harmonious suggestion of vanilla and spice. This is a thoroughly contemporary bottling made in a traditional style which reinterprets qualities that made Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon famous: balance, elegance, restraint and longevity.

Growing Season:

This was a vintage of contrasts: contrasts from previous vintages, and contrasts from early predictions to final outcome, yet winegrowers adapted to changing conditions all along the way to finish with what was an outstanding vintage. The year began dry with some very cold days and single-digit nighttime temperatures around the New Year holiday, and continued dry, with about 60% of normal precipitation throughout the appellation. Temperatures were warmer than normal as winter continued into spring with resulting earlier budding, bloom and set in the vineyards across all varieties. The summer growing season continued on the mild to cool side, with few days topping 100 degrees, even in the warmest locations in the appellation. There were also notably fewer days in the 90s, and harvest followed a traditional, even relaxed, pace.  Clusters, as well as individual berries on the clusters, though set at a normal quantity, were notably smaller in all varieties due to the dry season.

Production Notes

Source of Grapes
100% St. Helena Appellation, 100% Napa Valley, 100% Estate Grown
Blending Detail
85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Merlot
Brix at Harvest
.61 / 3.59