2008 Metamorphosis


Medium ruby


An aromatic and complex nose exhibits a rich cassis quality along with the bolder character of blue and black fruits graced by a touch of spicy oak.


Distinctive cassis, blueberry and blackberry fruits found on the nose continue on to the palate along with hints of licorice and cocoa to accent additional complexity and interest. A lush mouth feel is characterized by bold ripe tannin and impeccably balanced acidity for brightness. This all leads to a long, lingering, layered and tightly focused finish showing power with a balancing elegance typical of the vintage. Intensity and depth of focus coupled with grace and breed have always been hallmarks of Metamorphosis. These qualities are well represented in the 2008 offering and mirror the time-honored "iron fist in a velvet glove" analogy linked to select great wines of the old world.

Growing Season:

Winegrowers across Napa Valley met the challenges of a crazy weather year, harvesting fruit with incredible concentration which, by all accounts, is showing 2008 as a low-yielding, yet high-quality vintage from Napa Valley.  Mother Nature may have lightened the load in the vineyard, but what's being revealed in the winery is very well structured, concentrated, elegant wines. After the fruit set, fewer clusters with smaller berries appeared to be the norm all around the Napa Valley. The dryness of the season produced less vine canopy, and allowed the vines to focus on fruit production. Fortunately, the summer season continued with cooler, consistent temperatures. While a lighter than average vintage, 2008 looks to be another where vintners and growers in Napa Valley will continue their well-earned reputation for excellence in the world of wine.

Production Notes

Source of Grapes
100% St. Helena Appellation, 100% Napa Valley, 100% Estate Grown
Blending Detail
100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Date of Harvest
September 16
Brix at Harvest
.60 / 3.59