2009 Metamorphosis


Medium ruby 


Blackberry, Cassis and dark chocolate 


The 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon harvest at Jaffe Estate was an unusually joyous event as it marked the culmination of a particularly long & balanced growing season. The individual grapes ripened into very uniformly complete clusters containing small tightly focused berries with a very pleasing intensity of flavor. The bouquet is fruity with hints of Blackberry & Cassis and dark chocolate swirling together. On the palate it is wonderfully dry, balanced, and gives an impression of a firm backbone of saddle leather. Again this year our winemaker, David De Sante, has created a wine that fills the palate vertically with layer upon layer of character building to a climactic finish. 

Growing Season:

In Napa Valley Mother Nature is once again a super-hero, providing winemakers lush, beautiful grapes for great wine. Initial reports all the way around are finding vintners and growers delighted with 2009. Compare the nearly thirty days of intense frost from spring 2008 to the fewer than five frost incidents in 2009, the start to the vintage was much less eventful for growers who were able to sleep nights not worrying about the threat of frost—or the lack of water to combat it if it came. Late spring rains delayed irrigation needs and the warm spell in June helped curtail excessive canopy development. The nearly 14 days of 100°f plus temperatures that mark a typical growing season, 2009 counted perhaps only four or five overall, again helping to reduce demand for water when the resource was relatively scarce. Though rainfall was little more than two-thirds of normal for the third year in a row, the timing of the precipitation was on the vine's side. Couple that with the lack of frost and the mild, relatively cool growing season, Mother Nature managed to have it all work in unison to give vines and grapes the best scenario possible.


Production Notes

Source of Grapes
100% St. Helena Appellation, 100% Napa Valley, 100% Estate Grown
Date of Harvest
October 7th
Brix at Harvest