2011 Transformation

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Color:  Deep crimson

Aroma:  Black cherry

Taste:   The 2011 Jaffe Estate Transformation is a deep crimson in color with bright edges to demonstrate not only the wine's depth but also its youth.  The nose is stunning with scents of black cherry and a hint of red berries, sage and spice for a complex profile.  The mid-palate is rich with a succulent mouthfeel showing off the structured tannins and bright acidity along with flavors of black cherry, cassis and a touch of clove.  The finish is elegant, long and layered carrying forward the flavors on the palate coupled with the aromatics of the nose.  It seems to linger on and leaves you wanting for another glass.  Overall the balance and structure of the wine are extremely well integrated at this young stage and hold the promise of continued development over the next seven to ten years.

Growing Season:  The 2011 growing season in Napa Valley presented many challenges to our vineyard team given the cooler and wetter spring leading into a very cool summer with more moisture in October.  But with the careful work in the vineyard and dropping of fruit to focus the vine's energy on a smaller crop, we were able to harvest pristine grapes that resulted in an extremely elegant wine with all the attributes of prior vintages.  The cooler temperatures preserved the natural acidity which is a hallmark of our estate vineyard while allowing for slow and even ripening.  These conditions were ideal for our very special Merlot and even worked to the advantage of our Cabernet that did well with the crop thinning and longer growing season.


Date of Harvest: October 18th and October 25th

TA/pH 3.66/4.2

Brix at Harvest: 22.5-22.9

ALC: 14.2%

100% St. Helena Appellation, 100% Napa Valley, 100% Estate Grown

55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 45% Merlot