2015 Metamorphosis
Maximum allocation 12 bottles

Quantity: $68.00
Case 12 $816.00

Napa Valley yields were sharply lower in 2015 due to a cool, wet and windy spring that interfered with bud break, flowering and set causing extensive shatter. However, as Mother Nature often does, what she gave us in challenges, she made up for in appeal with concentrated flavors, aromatics and lush tannins in the finished wine. Our 2015 Metamorphosis offers you a stellar example of what a great Napa Valley vintage coupled with caring hands in the winery can produce. The bright and translucent crimson color offers a hint of how this wine deftly weaves elegance and power together from nose to finish. Some refer to this rare character as the traditional Bordelaise model of an “iron fist in a velvet glove” that we seldom see in today’s Cabernets. The nose is redolent with notes of current, red berries and cassis with just hints of sweet oak and dried lavender. On the palate, you are treated to a sensual and rich mouthfeel that pairs flawlessly with an air of elegance and underlying structure showing bright acidity, balance and firm tannins framing a plethora of cassis, red and black berries with an underlying suggestion of yellow plum. The finish lingers on with layers of complexity surrounded by elegant tannins, fresh acidity and fruit accents from the palate.

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100% St. Helena Appellation